Woodland Pals Preschool, Kirton

Make friends, have fun and learn

Lunches and snacks

When a child is staying for our lunch club please bring in a healthy packed lunch for your child.

Ideas include:

  1. A sandwich
  2. A wrap
  3. Bread sticks/vegetable sticks with a dip
  4. Pasta
  5. Salad
  6. Fruit
  7. Cereal bars
  8. yoghurt
  9. Please no nuts or sweets

We can reheat any food from a child’s lunch box if needed.  All we ask is that you prepare and label all foods.  Food will then be refrigerated and reheated where necessary.

A healthy snack will be provided by Woodland Pals during the morning session along with milk. Please advise us of any allergies.

Please also provide a drink in a labelled, lidded cup or bottle for your child to have throughout their session, this can be placed on our drinks tray at the beginning of each session.

Illness/If a child falls ill at Preschool.

Parents are requested to keep their children home if they are ill or have any infections and to alert the preschool of the nature of the illness so other parents can be informed and observations kept on the other children if necessary. 

If the child has had sickness or diarrhoea the child should be kept at home until at least 48 hours has lapsed since the last attack.

Cuts or open sores should be covered by a plaster or other dressing

If a child is taken ill during a session and it is beyond the medical training of the staff on site, the group leader should stay with the child whilst another member of staff contacts either 999 or the child’s parent, whichever is appropriate.

Administration of Medicines

It is Woodland Pals policy not to administer any unprescribed medications.

If a child needs any medicines it is felt these should be administered before the start of the session by the parent/guardian, which should be sufficient to last to the end of the session.

If it is unavoidable that the child has medication at preschool the medicine book and consent form needs to be completed.