Woodland Pals Preschool, Kirton

Make friends, have fun and learn


            Within the group all children are supported to learn and develop at their own pace.  We work mainly through child led play, and we plan and provide activities that are developmentally appropriate and support the children to learn through topics that they choose and have an interest in.  We do provide some activities which have a high level of adult input to support the children in their development.  We offer a curriculum which enables the children to progress towards the early learning goals throughout the Early Years Foundation Stage and prepares them for the National Curriculum which begins at year one in primary school.  More information on child led planning and the early years foundation stage can be obtained at the preschool.

Outside play

            As part of our curriculum the children will have access to and be encouraged to use our outside area whenever possible.  We ask that you provide your child with appropriate labelled clothing e.g. Wellington boots, coats, or sun cream and sun hats depending on the time of year.  We would like to stress that children will not be spending long periods outside in the strong midday sun.


Communication is vital for your child’s education; we will speak to you in person about your child progress and discuss with you any problems that may arise.  We also send out regular newsletters and put up information notices on the notice board.

We are always looking for parents with jobs interesting to the children to come in and talk about their work, if you  would like to or know someone who you think would be suitable please speak to us to arrange it.  We also have visits from other professionals that link in with our curriculum themes such as police, nurses, dentist, vets, etc.


Record keeping

During the sessions each child is observed on a daily basis with these observations being recorded in their learning journey, these are available for you to read and write your own comments.  We will hold a stay and play day at the end of every half term to give you an opportunity to come in and speak to your child’s key person and look through their learning journey.